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Classic Fills

Full Set $165

2 Week Fill $80

3 Week Fill $95

Hybrid Fills

Full Set $185

2 Week Fill $100

3 Week Fill $115

Lash Removal - Consult Needed (Price Varies) 

Foreign Last Fill Consult $25

Lash Bath $15 added to service


LASH LIFT Elleebana lash lift is a keratin base treatment that enhances your natural lash. With proper care, lash lifts can last up to 6-8+ weeks. After the treatment, avoid wetting your lashes for 24 hours. During the lift cycle (6-8weeks) avoid oil on and around your lashes. You can apply mascara, stay away from waterproof. This is not damaging to your natural lash.

BROW LAMINATION: A brow lamination is a treatment to your natural brow hairs. This treatment redirects and sculpts the brows, giving them a more thick and fluffy appearance. On average, this treatment lasts 4 weeks. Brow tint is also paired with this, giving them a richer color. You can receive the lamination if you have already had microblading. Cannot be preformed on pregnant women.

Image by Drew Graham
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